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CRP-1: Fuel Consumption Rates

Fuel Consumption Example

Using the information in the below flight log extract, what is your expected fuel remaining overhead Inverness if your groundspeed and fuel consumption rate remain the same as the first leg from Aberdeen to Banff?

1 Find the time taken and fuel burnt on the first leg from Aberdeen to Banff

Actual time overhead Aberdeen: 1015
Actual time overhead Banff: 1033
Time taken: 18 minutes

Actual fuel overhead Aberdeen: 35.0 USG
Actual fuel overhead Banff: 33.0 USG
Fuel burnt: 2.0 US Gallons

2 Align the fuel burnt (2 USG) on the outer scale with the time (18 minutes) on the inner scale

3 Find the time en route from Banff to Inverness

Since we have arrived at Banff at our estimated time of 1033 we can expect to arrive at Inverness at our ETA of 1059.

So the leg from Banff to Inverness will take from 1033 until 1059 – a total time of 26 minutes.

4 Find the leg time (26 minutes) on the inner scale and read off the fuel consumption on the outer scale (2.9 USG)

5 Take the actual fuel overhead Banff (33.0 USG) and subtract the expected fuel burn from Banff to Inverness (2.9 USG)

33.0 USG – 2.9 USG = 30.1 USG
So we expect to have 30.1 USG remaining overhead Inverness

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