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Area Forecasts

In the UK, the MetOffice produces weather information for pilots. This is published on their general aviation website for free: MetOffice Aviation Briefing Service. You should make an account for this service as you’ll need it throughout your life as a pilot.


In the UK, the MetOffice produces General Aviation Meteorological Forecasts (GAMETs) four times per day. The GAMET is a plain text forecast specifically for low level general aviation activities and is a great tool for your flight planning.

GAMETs are produced for four different regions across the UK:

Image Credit: UK MetOffice


The F214 is a wind and temperature forecast for the UK. Each box specifies the location of the forecast at the top, e.g. 55N 0230W is 55°N Latitude and 2°30’W Longitude.

The first column in each box is the altitude in thousands of feet: 01 is 1,000ft and 24 is 24,000ft. The second and third columns are wind direction and strength: 260 15 is 260 degrees true at 15 knots. The last column is the temperature in degrees celsius (e.g. +07°C).

Single block extracted from F214:


The F215 is a low level aviation area forecast produced by the MetOffice. These too are produced four times per day and divide the UK into areas that will experience similar weather. Visibility, weather phenomena, cloud, freezing level, and much more are forecast on the F215. These are described using abbreviated plain language, as there is often a lot of information to fit into one page. Thankfully, a lot of the abbreviations and symbols used are explained on the F215 itself, in the bottom left corner

Some Abbreviations used on the F215:


COT – Coast
LAN – Land
MON – Mountains
VAL – Valleys
SFC – Surface
LOC – Locally
WDSPR – Widespread
MAR – Maritime (at sea)


MOD – Moderate
SEV – Severe
MTW – Mountain Wave
TURB – Turbulence
VSP – Vertical Speed
BEC – Becoming
WKN – Weakening
GEN – Generally
ADJ – Adjacent
BLW – Below
TL – Until

Be careful if you see an exam question involving TS / CB or FZ in an F215. You will notice in the bottom left of the F215 it states:

TS / CB implies GR/Severe Icing/Severe Turbulence
FZ precipitation implies Severe Icing

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